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Unforgettable experience auctions to benefit nonprofit organizations and great causes.

WeRise aligns great people and great causes by creating Unforgettable Experiences with celebrities, chefs, athletes, artists and business moguls. The "Experience Host" helps fundraise for the cause near and dear to their heart, while offering their fans an exclusive way to personally interact with them.


Unforgettable experiences with celebrated athletes, award-winning artists, and stars. Play catch with an NFL legend, jam out with a Grammy artist, or hide from the paparazzi together with an A-list celebrity.


All auctions and events directly fund the host's chosen nonprofit, charity, or cause. Help clean up our oceans, rescue animals in need, and provide humanitarian aid around the world.


Craft your very own IPA with a renowned brewmaster. Learn to perfectly sear scallops with the help of a Michelin Star chef. Improve your stand-up routine with a comedy legend.

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