Spread The Good

Who We Help

We believe our greatest fulfillment in life comes when we combine our passions and talents to give hope to others, strengthen our sense of community and leave a lasting impact on the world.

At WeRise, our mission is to align great people with great causes to raise funds for nonprofit organizations and attract a new generation of donors, supporters, and volunteers.

How We Help

WeRise aligns great people and great causes by creating Unforgettable Experiences with celebrities, chefs, athletes, artists and business moguls. The "Experience Host" helps fundraise for the cause near and dear to their heart, while offering their fans an exclusive way to personally interact with them.

By growing the WeRise community of Experience Hosts, bidders, donors, and nonprofit organizations, we all become something greater than ourselves. We can all leave a lasting positive impact both in our communities and around the world.

Through creating Unforgettable Experiences nationwide, our mission is to raise $100 million for nonprofits and great causes by 2028. We are excited to welcome you into our community. And together, WeRise.